• Southside Argonauts


    The students from the Success Foundation's summer program come together to form the STEM Team: Southside Argonauts.


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  • Southside Argonauts


    According to Greek mythology, the original Argonauts were a group of adventurers who traveled with Jason on his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Our name came from the name of their ship, the Argo, and the ancient Greek word for sailor, "nautes." This may remind you of the word "Astronaut" which comes from the Latin prefix "astro-," meaning space, and the suffix "-naut," meaning sailor.

    The Southside Argonauts are a group of middle and high school students on a quest for knowledge. Based at the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, the team is organized by Chamber's Success Foundation and compete in STEM-focused competitions such as the 2019 NASA ANGLeS Challenge. Together with their robot, R-GO, the Argonauts strive to do their best and achieve their goals as a team.

  • An oil painting of the mythological Argo
    by Konstantinos Volanakis


  • The 2019 Southside Argonauts
    and their robot, R-GO


  • NASA ROADS on Mars Freestyle Challenge NASA ROADS on Mars Freestyle Challenge

    To prepare for the NASA's ROADS on Mars Student Challenge, which has been put on hold due to recent events, the Argonauts will participate in the NASA ROADS on Mars Freestyle Challenge. Click below for more information!

    NESSP Webpage: https://nwessp.org/mars/

    ROADS on Mars--Freestyle: https://nwessp.org/programs/pages/challenges/current/mars-freestyle/

    Freestyle Manual: Click here to view or download the manual

  • Window into Work Window into Work

    After the completion of the STEM, the Argonauts participated in the Chamber's Window into Work Program. This allows students to...

    • Explore various STEM companies and organizations in the Southside region
    • Familiarize themselves with interesting and achievable STEM careers
    • Discover different post-high school career paths
    • Learn how to apply skills they've learned from the STEM Challenge in the workforce


    Coordinated by the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and its Success Foundation, the Window into Work Program allows students to explore post-high school opportunities by visiting various STEM companies and organizations in the Southside region. In 2019, this program included trips to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, ANEW, Boeing, and the Museum of Flight.


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